CompTIA A+ Course


If you are getting ready for a career as an entry-level information technology (IT) professional or personal computer (PC) service technician, the CompTIA A+ course is the first step in your preparation.

The course will build on your existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer software and hardware to present fundamental skills and concepts that you will use on the job.
In this course, you will acquire the essential skills and information you will need to install, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimise, and perform preventative maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.

The CompTIA A+ course can benefit you in two ways. Whether you work or plan to work in a mobile or corporate environment where you have a high level of face-to-face customer interaction, where client communication and client training are important, or in an environment with limited customer interaction and an emphasis on hardware activities, this course provides the background knowledge and skills you will require to be a successful A+ technician.
It can also assist you if you are preparing to take the CompTIA A+ certification examinations, 2020 objectives (exam numbers 220-1001, 220-1002), in order to become a CompTIA A+ Certified Professional.

CompTIA is with you every step of the way.
We provide options to study for the exam and help you narrow down which training videos and study materials provide the best training resources. Somts can help you training to pass exam.

Jobs that use CompTIA A+:

  • Technical support specialist
  • Field service technician
  • IT support technician
  • IT support administrator
  • IT support specialist


CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam ObjectivesA+ EXAM Practiceourse Content

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to the Personal Computer

Module 2: Lab Procedures and Tool Use

Module 3: Computer Assembly

Module 4: Overview of Preventive Maintenance

Module 5: Configuration Operating Systems

Module 6: Networks and Network Support

Module 7: Laptops and Troubleshooting

Module 8: Mobile devices

Module 9: Printers and Scanners

Module 10: Security

Module 11: The IT Professional

Module 12: Advanced Troubleshooting


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